Living in harmony with your dog

  An educational wellbeing centre for dogs 

Alison Garforth


Canine Behaviourist & Trainer

If you are looking for a natural, force free & positive way of working with your dog, then I am here to help. I work with a dogs emotional well-being and believe its not all about teaching your dog to sit, lie down and stay but also about how to teach a dog to relax so they can learn and retain information better. You can work with your dog in a group or individually at my dog training centre in Weare.
I have Kennel Club listed status to run The Kennel Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards of all levels, Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver & Gold. My aim is for everyone to enjoy working with their dogs in a relaxed, non competitive, friendly environment.
I am also a stockist for Dorwest herbal medicines, I can give you information on products and how they can be used to help keep your dog in the best of health. Dorwest are the leading authority on veterinary herbal medicine which have been producing for over 60 years.

In my group classes you will work with your dog on individual things and work as a group. 

My Puppy Pre-School is the best place to start with a puppy, we use force free positive training methods.

My one to one sessions are very individual to meet each dog and owner's needs.

Behaviour consultations are at my dog training centre on a one to one basics in a relaxed environment.

I hold different workshops at my training centre