Living in harmony with your dog

  An educational wellbeing centre for dogs 

Individual support

For some of us attending dog training classes running on the same day and time every week is not an option, as our lifestyles do not allow us to commit to regular classes, this could be because some people may work irregular hours or you may have commitments at home. Also some dogs worry about life or do not like to interact with other dogs or people. 

Some dogs need more mental stimulation and exercise than others and if the dog's needs are not met this can cause behavioural problems and the dog being misunderstood. One to one training gives you the opportunity to work with your dog, working towards achievable goals and the same things you would work on in a class, but without the distractions or stress of environmental factors, this then enables the dog to learn quicker. My one to one sessions are very individual to meet each dog and oowner's needs.