Living in harmony with your dog
'Harmonious Dogs'

  An educational wellbeing centre for dogs 

 What goes on at Puppy Pre-School

All puppies love to lean new things, explore and work thing out, in my puppy classes I teach puppies to use their own natural abilities but in a fun way.

Through exploration, interactive learning and by using a wide variety of equipment puppies begin to learn about spatial awareness and how to negotiate pathways as well as building confidence to walk over different textured surfaces in my mini puppy assault course.

Classes have up to four pups at a time which allows your little one to socialise but also learn to concentrate with distractions and work around other dogs. We do not allow free play as research has shown that puppies can learn to intimidate others which can lead to adult behavioural problems, so all socialisation is controlled.


Puppies need to be under 20 weeks of age to attend our Puppy class. We use positive reward training using food rewards, toys and praise, our puppy class is friendly and informal. You will meet other puppy owners where you can share your experiences of owning a puppy.


Puppy Pre-School runs for 6 weeks and you will work towards the Puppy Harmony Award. There is question time after every class which encourages owners to talk about any problems they might be having.

Puppy Pre-School is on Saturday mornings it is a six week course costing ¬£65. If you are interested in attending Puppy Pre-School please contact:
Alison 01934 514251 / 07739 890803
To download and print off a form click here
To secure your puppy's place you will need to send in your form with your payment which can be paid by BACS or Cheque.
Please note due to small class size any missed classes are non transferable. 
Next puppy course starts:
Saturday 28th October 12pm - Full
Saturday 25th November 10am -  full
Saturday 16th December 12pm - Spaces available.