Living in harmony with your dog
'Harmonious Dogs'

  An educational wellbeing centre for dogs 

Jacabee having fun in class showing others how to do some groundwork exercises. Groundwork exercises help teach coordination, balance & spatial awareness.
Setting a dog for success is important. Henry has never seen a chicken before and these ones were very accessible to him. We started slowly to encourage calm behaviour by rewarding Henry making the choice to be calm rather than us telling him what to do. This is also called desensitising.  

Having fun with skittles.

It is important to teach a dog from an early age how to trade an article. In this clip I wanted to be able to take my dog's toy away from him but he wanted it so bad he would not let me take it, I tried to ask him nicely & calmly but he still did not want to let it go. But then I said the magic word 'sweetie' & traded with a treat, I was then able to take the toy away from him without any stress.