Living in harmony with your dog
'Harmonious Dogs'

  An educational wellbeing centre for dogs 

Alison Garforth

Behaviourist & Trainer

I have been working professionally with dogs & their guardians for over 14 years.

growing up with dogs has taught me a lot, not only have I learned from the dogs themselves, but I have enroled on many courses to learn more and keep up to date with new learning theories and the science behind learning.

My achievements are:

  • An Advanced Diploma at Foundation degree level in Canine Behaviour Management.
  • A certificate in Behaviour Counselling.
  • A certificate in Canine Nutrition.
  • A certificate for Dog Training Instructor.
  • A member of The Institute for Animal Care Education.
  • A member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Membership no: 00815.

I have the pleasure of sharing my life with two dogs, a Jack Russell called Midge who is 14 years old and a Bichon Frise called Jacabee who is 7 years old. I have a keen interest in the anatomy of the dog and am currently working towards a Canine Touch Diploma, which is a holistic approach and works on the soft tissue and muscles and addresses the whole body to help relieve tension or pain.


Teaching Assistant & the training rooms manager 

I am a 7 year old Bichon Frise and have been helping in classes and with one to ones for four years. 

My mum rescued me when I was a year old, I was very scared of life and new people and other dogs, but mummy showed me how fun life can be and I now help other dogs over come their fears and help to show them life can be fun. 

I like to help make all new dogs welcome in the training room at my favourite place Petmania.

My mummy thinks this is her business but lets be honest I'm the boss.

My hobbies are going on adventures with my brother, playing brain games and learning new tricks and my best hobby is rolling in poo, any poo will do.