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Canine Wellbeing

  An educational wellbeing centre for dogs 

Canine Merishia Massage

Merishia Massage uses Swedish massage and sports massage techniques, it can be relaxing for body and mind. I work on stress points within the body to help with mobilisation. 

The Merishia techniques not only include deep tissue massage procedures; but I use a number of effective detailed mobilisation techniques, enhanced stretches, gentle release techniques, plus unique quick fire release techniques for very restricted tissue.

Dogs have different behavioural patterns but these are no less important. Frequently, dogs will lie down on the same side every time, or sit to one side, they may consistently get up when told to “sit stay” or “down stay”, they may run with their hindend carried to one side or appear stiff and uncomfortable either after exercise or after rest. Once again, where disease and lameness have been ruled out as the cause, muscle spasm and soreness lead to restricted movement and these “behaviours” which do not resolve. 

I also use equipment for proprioception work, which can help paw placement and body awareness, as this will help the body receive input through receptors in the paws, muscles and joints and transfer this information to the brain through the nervous system so that the body can sense itself. Proprioception can help dogs that are busy or those that jump up a lot.

I studied Canine Merishia Massage with Jo Rose and the Merishia School of Massage. If you would like to book your dog a Merishia Massage give me a call Tel: 07739 890803